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Our all-in-one HR toolkit consolidates hiring, payroll, performance management, HR task management, and wiki templates to streamline routine HR for small businesses.

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All-in-One HR Simplified for SMBs

Essential Features to Streamline Your HR Workflows

Recruitment Tools
Contains everything you need to post jobs and track applicants to streamline hiring.
Streamline new hire onboarding workflows
HR Task Management
Customize HR workflows, assign tasks automatically and boost efficiency.
Payroll Management
Automate salary calculations. Provide company and department payroll analytics
Employee Profile Management
Centralized employee profiles, directories and HR documentation Store and track complete employee data
KPI Tracking
Set and monitor department goals. Track metrics like headcount, compensation, attendance
Training & Development
Develop employee skills and career growth. Assign training programs and track progress
Customizable Company Wiki
Knowledge sharing and collaboration

Loved by businesses worldwide.

See why HR professionals rave about the simplicity yet completeness of our all-in-one HR toolkit.

    • The All-in-One HR Kit will be an excellent tool for companies to easily handle their human resources tasks. I really appreciate the template's design – Super clean, easy to understand, beautiful look.

      Digital creator
    • The HR kit is going to be a game changer for the small and early stage companies.

    • The HR kit you've developed is an awesome product that can solve a very important problem, Leo! I've seen first hand the pains that HR folks have to go through in dealing with manual repetitive tasks! I am sure this product will be an instant hit for users in the HR field across different industries ☺️

    • With working in HR, sometimes it gets overwhelming with all organization. This template will be a tremendous help!

    • The template is really complete and comprehensive for any business searching for a tool to manage human resources! It's a great job, Leo! Congratulations and good luck! 🚀


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About Our HR Kit Template

As a dedicated professional in the field of Notion template creation, I am pleased to introduce this Human Resource Kit template. The inspiration behind crafting this template came from years of conversations with friends who have been actively engaged in HR roles. Through their candid feedback, I identified the common pain points faced by HR professionals in small and medium-sized enterprises.

This template is a direct response to those challenges, meticulously designed to streamline and simplify various aspects of HR management. After the initial development, I took the extra step of inviting several experienced HR specialists to review and critique the template. Their invaluable insights prompted multiple rounds of refinement, ensuring that the final product is truly comprehensive and effective.

By incorporating the feedback and recommendations from these experts, the Human Resource Kit template now stands as a robust solution tailored to address the real-world needs of HR practitioners. It is my hope that this template not only alleviates the daily struggles of HR work but also contributes to more efficient and organized human resource management.